Intermediate to Advanced: Mastering the Technical Stuff

Intermediate to Advanced Level Photography Class

Beyond the Basics- Mastering the The Nuts and Bolts (aka The “Techy Stuff”)  – A 3-Hour Hands-On Intensive

Retail Price: $125

We recommend you take our flagship “7 Steps to Better Photography” Basic class before any of our advanced classes!

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Class time will be dedicated to hands-on practice and understanding of:

  • Function and versatility of ISO
  • White balance and the color of the light in your worlds
  • Creative shooting using different shutter speeds and f-stops
  • Learn how to nail your exposure in-camera every time
  • And More!!!

After spending 3 hours with Joleigh Van Hoy you will have more confidence in your photographic abilities than you ever thought was possible! Register now for this comprehensive “hands-on” workshop!

Class Dates, Times & Register NOW!